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With this problem my colleague applied to me and asked to help help him – he tried to use the Mail Merge Toolkit in his job.

The Mail Merge Toolkit – this is add-on for Microsoft Word which helps to prepare many addressed emails and sends it through Microsoft Outlook.

But I think you already know a lot about this program and you try to solve issue which is reported in title of this article.

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My users periodically forget how to do it, I have to supply them with instructions.

The Microsoft Office 365 portal primarily provides corporate customers with access to their corporate mailbox. Therefore, this instruction may also be called “How to change your Microsoft Outlook password”

  1. Use the next link in web-browser:
  2. If you already authorized in the system – go to step 4. If not – use your email address for  authorization:
Как заменить пароль; Microsoft; Office 365; инструкция; manual; instruction; корпоративным клиентам; корпоративная почта; Teams; Outlook;
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